Children’s Dentist in Beaumont, TX

A smile can open unimaginable doors in a child’s life.  Is their smile working for them? The quality of a child’s smile has been linked to higher self-esteem and overall health and well-being. A healthy smile goes beyond straight, white teeth that double as their best accessory. A truly healthy mouth lowers a person’s risk of developing other diseases and ensures they keep enjoying their favorite foods and activities for life. At World of Smiles, our children’s dentists are dedicated to helping your child open up a world of possibilities.

As a family dentist clinic, we do it all from children’s dentistry to treating dental emergencies and trauma. Using the latest state of the art technology and only bringing the most passionate and knowledgeable staff on board, Beaumont, Texas residents can enjoy “one stop dentistry” that puts people first. Every single member of the World of Smiles team treats patients like family. This is dentistry, Texas style, for your entire family.

Show Me the Specials!

We don’t “specialize” in anything at this office, per se. That’s because we believe in providing the absolute best, expert-level care no matter what procedure our patients are receiving. From an annual check-up to full dental restorations, World of Smiles isn’t “best” at any one procedure – we’re the best at all of them. Treating the whole body, and the whole person, is our specialty. Plus, it’s not just about service and procedures, although that’s the foundation of a great office. It’s also about customer service, building relationships and helping to create a unique, personalized dental plan for every client.

Your dentist is an important part of your child’s dental health and overall well-being, but patients are the ones in charge of approving their own plan of action (POA). A great POA includes in-home care, education and routine check-ups, along with dentists, hygienists and administrative staff that work with you and your child. That’s why information and education is at the forefront of every visit, from “brushing up” on brushing and flossing techniques to considering procedures such as wisdom tooth removal for easier cleaning of those hard to reach spots.

Mouthing Off

Your child can enjoy dental visits again—you just have to know where to go. At World of Smiles, enjoy stress-free dentistry that works around your schedule. A warm, welcoming environment helps patients of all ages kick back in our comfy dental chairs and take advantage of a fast, efficient visit.

Ready to get smiling? Since everything’s bigger here, including grins, you need to keep up. Let World of Smiles be your secret weapon.