Fluoride Treatment

Even though fluoride treatments are most beneficial for children, dental patients of all ages could do with a little more fluoride in their lives. At World of Smiles, we offer in-office fluoride treatments that are safe, effective and help protect teeth from future “assaults” (like those surprising ones caused by some of your favorite foods). Fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found in certain water and foods—but most children don’t get enough of it.

Each day, our teeth are constantly generating and absorbing minerals. Demineralization happens when the enamel of a tooth meets acids. This is what causes bacterial plaque, along with excessive mouth sugars. However, you can “re-mineralize” your teeth with calcium, phosphate—and fluoride. It’s all about striking a balance, since it’s impossible to completely avoid losing minerals. Eventually, not enough re-mineralization, which fluoride increases, causes tooth decay.

Why Fluoride?

Fluoride is key in preventing tooth decay because it makes teeth more resistant to acidic attacks—and can even reverse it. For children younger than six, fluoride treatments are able to become a part of their future permanent teeth. This means acids find it tougher to demineralize teeth in the first place, even without future fluoride treatments. Plus, fluoride speeds up the re-mineralization process while stopping the actual production of acid.

Even though fluoride can be found in food and water, that’s hardly the best way to get its benefits. At World of Smiles, our fluoride treatments include the direct application of fluoride to teeth via rinses and special toothpastes. You can obtain fluoride rinses from your local store, but only a dentist has access to the best, strongest products.

Pick Your Fluoride Treatment Flavor

The absolute best fluoride treatment is only available in-office via a foam, varnish or gel. Kids can choose from a variety of tasty flavors. These treatments feature very high levels of fluoride, and are not swallowed. Whether painted on as a gel or varnish, or used in a mouth tray with a foam, you’re never too young or old to receive the many benefits fluoride has to offer. However, it’s most crucial for pediatric patients six months to 16 years old.

This is when those primary teeth are coming in. The latest research suggests fluoride is critical in battling tooth decay and strengthening teeth no matter what your age. Fluoride is the ticket and World of Smiles has the best treatments for you.