Exams & Dental Cleanings

This is probably what you think of when you envision a trip to the dentist—that classic exam and cleaning. However, at World of Smiles, we know that since no two patients or mouths are the same, no exam and dental cleaning is going to be the same. You’re never too young or old for a proper exam and cleaning, but what you’ll expect will change over the years. As early as six months old, babies are prime candidates to become dental patients. Over the years, you might graduate to a deep cleaning (or “scaling and planing”) if gum disease becomes an issue. No matter where you are in your dental journey, World of Smiles is dedicated to making our Beaumont, Texas children and teenagers enjoy the fastest, most efficient and pain-free cleaning possible.

Your appointment will be customized just for your child, but here’s what to expect: A friendly and knowledgeable administrative staff that welcomes your child warmly. We work with most insurance providers, and understand that your time is precious. A comfortable waiting area brimming with activities for the children is a staple at World of Smiles, but you won’t be there for long—starting each exam and cleaning on time is partly how we earned a glowing reputation.

What to Expect from Children’s Dental Exams & Dental Cleanings

An exam isn’t just to inform the dentist of where your child’s oral health stands. It’s also where any issues and concerns are explained and where re-educating patient’s parents comes into play. Most people could do with a refresher course on proper brushing techniques, flossing tactics and the latest information on the best rinses, brushes and other dental devices on the market. For parents, it’s where you’ll plot the next move in your child’s dental plan. In some instances, issues such as gum disease, cavities or lost fillings will be discovered here.

Exams are done manually with just gloved hands or with a special pick that’s generally painless and measures degrees of gum disease if applicable. Gum disease isn’t very common in children, so for younger patients this is a completely comfortable exam they’ll pass every time. How much plaque buildup there is will be spotted, and patients are kitted out for digital X-rays. Annual X-rays are an important part of monitoring teeth movement and health.

Cleaning, Polishing and Rinsing

Different patients have different comfort thresholds—and if there’s gum disease or severe plaque buildup, cleanings can take a little longer. In the case of extreme anxiety, some type of dental sedation may be recommended for a cleaning, but this is rarely the case. At World of Smiles, we prioritize patient safety and comfort, and we’re keeping our patient’s best interests (and experience!) in mind.

Younger patients enjoy a quicker, less invasive cleaning and polishing, and get to select their fluoride flavor of choice. However, everyone gets dazzling white results that are worth smiling over.