Digital X-Rays

Forget what you think you know about X-rays. At World of Smiles, we feature the latest in digital X-rays and imaging which are much safer and comprehensive. Instead of the old fashioned photographic film, digital X-ray sensors provide immediate results. There’s no chemical processing required, and enhanced images can be digitally transformed so that you and your dentist get instant access to images. Plus, with less radiation than traditional X-rays, you can rest easy knowing that your child’s time at World of Smiles isn’t just pain-free, but risk-free.

Digital images take the place of X-ray films, which means better documentation. Whether you stay in Beaumont, Texas for life or move from Timbuktu to Baton Rouge, your child’s digital files can follow you so your new dental team knows their history. For the patient, that means clearer information to plan dental procedures.

Open Wide

For dental digital X-rays, an “intraoral” process is used. Films or sensors are put into the mouth to pinpoint a select region. Your child will be asked to bite down in several areas. It’s not painful at all, but it can look and feel a little awkward, and you have to hold perfectly still. This can be a challenge for some children, but don’t worry. The World of Smiles dentistry staff has a knack for getting the best images even from the wriggliest of patients.

Your X-rays are stored digitally, letting your dentist zoom in and optimize diagnostics. In the end, this means better patient communication as well as better communication between dental offices around the world. If you have to see a specialist, such as an orthodontist or oral surgeon, or win the lottery and buy a private island thousands of miles away, your dental team will always need to check out your mouth’s history and digital X-rays make that easy.

Planning for Digital X-rays

Even though digital X-rays cause much less radiation than traditional methods, we still take every precaution at World of Smiles. Patients wear a heavy “bib” that protects the torso from any radiation, and you’ll be asked to remove any facial jewelry. Come prepared with no earrings, facial piercings or tongue piercings. You’ll be asked to remove them at the office if you forget, as they can interfere with imaging. Foregoing lipstick for the day is also a smart move since the X-ray technician may have to take numerous different angles, moving the sensor you clench with your teeth each time.

For kids receiving their first X-ray, it’s pretty cool. Kitted out in what can only be described as a superhero-esque shirt and checking out the inside of their mouth in a whole new way is the first part of a fun dental appointment. And if there are cavities? The World of Smiles team will take care of it—but not without pointing out just how easy they are to spot with the wonder of digital X-ray technology.