Dentistry for Kids

It takes a special kind of dentist to pursue general dentistry for kids—and that’s exactly what we offer at World of Smiles. It takes a heart brimming with compassion, love, empathy and a fantastic chair-side manner that has even the youngest patients grinning. Technically, pediatrics can include patients from babies with their first teething experiences to those who are 20 years old.

At World of Smiles, we’re not ready to say goodbye when our patients legally become adults. That’s why we’re a family dental clinic, serving our Beaumont, Texas neighbors of all ages. However, we do have a soft spot for children and for good reason. Childhood is when the foundation for healthy teeth for life is laid. It’s also when good (or bad) dental practices are established, from flossing daily to learning how to best brush your teeth.

The Real Tooth Fairies 

With babies, toddlers and young children, a dental visit is just as much about serving the parents as it is the young patients. After all, parents are the dental models at home. Plus, it’s probably been awhile since Mom or Dad had much experience with “milk teeth.” Do you know the best, safest methods for calming sore gums during teething? How about special methods for brushing, even when there are just a couple of teeth?

There’s also the issue of fluoride treatments, both in office and at home, and this is especially crucial for children. Fluoride benefits are astoundingly more effective in children compared to adults. Regardless of fluoride in the water, children need professional treatments and the right, delicious rinses at home to protect their new teeth. Plus, World of Smiles is your go-to practice for dental emergencies and trauma, which kids have a knack for experiencing more than adults.

Get Out of School Free Card 

We get that a child’s trip to the dentist is a magical event. They get out of school, get to cherry (or grape, or mint…) pick their polishing flavor and we’re all about creating a fun environment from check-in to the time you head out for a cool treat. We’re happy to be a part of the magic, and thrilled that you’ve chosen to share it with us. That’s why we promise premium pediatric dental services that go deeper than “just” the procedures. Every staff member chose to come on board partly because of a mutual love for children.

When selecting a dentist for children, remember that experience and compassion counts for a lot. World of Smiles has built a child centered practice based on making dentistry fun.