Dental Sedation

Relax! At World of Smiles, we’re dedicated to making sure every young patient’s visit is comfortable. Dental sedation has evolved a lot over the years, and today’s options are as safe as possible. For many children in Beaumont, Texas, just the thought of a dental cleaning can induce stress, or maybe it was a traumatic experience from years ago when dentistry wasn’t as efficient as it is today. Dental phobia is unfortunately more common than it should be, but at World of Smiles we’re all about changing your children’s views of a dental visit for the better.

Dental sedation isn’t for everyone, but it can be fantastic in relieving anxiety. It may be an option for nearly every procedure, whether it’s dental surgery or a routine cleaning. The type of sedation recommended depends on the patient and just how severe the anxiety is. However, any type of sedation uses medication to promote relaxation. Sometimes it’s called “sleep dentistry,” but that’s a misnomer—you’re awake unless general anesthesia is used.

Levels of Dental Sedation

With “minimal sedation,” patients are awake but still relaxed. “Moderate sedation” means you’re also awake, but relaxed enough that your words are slurred and you probably won’t recall much of the procedure afterward.

There are many options for sedation, and one of the most common is inhaled sedation—you might know it better as laughing gas. The patient breathes in nitrous oxide, which is very safe, mixed with oxygen. Most people report feeling great with nitrous oxide, and your dentist is in total control of how much your child receives to keep them feeling comfortable.