About Us

Who wouldn’t want a “job” where you don’t just make children smile all day, but make their smile the best it can be? That’s why nobody on the World of Smiles team considers what we do a “job.” Doling out smiles is what we do best, and it’s what’s has our fellow Beaumont, Texas neighbors grinning like a kid at a birthday party. Speaking of children, we’re a family dental practice that serves those with their first baby tooth to patients who had their wisdom teeth removed long ago.

World of Smiles is more than a general dental practice—we pride ourselves on matching superior dentistry with the kind of southern hospitality you expect in Texas. As local Lone Star residents ourselves, we know how important looking and feeling your best is. That’s why we offer dental restorations using the latest dental sedation techniques for your child’s comfort and safety, as well as thorough exams and dental cleanings to keep their pearly whites shimmering bright.

Going Mental About Dental 

Who gets excited about going to the dentist? The entire World of Smiles team—and our patients! We remember when a dental visit meant ditching school with full parental permission and a cool treat afterwards. That’s why we’re committed to making every patient’s visit not just tolerable, but enjoyable. There’s no reason to dread a dental visit regardless of your age. We may have a solid reputation for children’s dentistry, but every member of our staff believes you should always look forward to flavorful fluorides and checking out your amped up smile.

However, we also offer dental emergencies and trauma treatment because accidents happen. Seeing a dentist immediately after an mishap is the best means of saving a tooth. If possible, a knocked out tooth should be stored in the socket after being rinsed with only water. Backup plan 1 is saving it in saliva, and backup plan 2 is saving it in milk. However, cracked teeth, severe pain, major chips and a “dry socket” after a tooth extraction also qualify as an emergency. Don’t worry—we’ll get your child back to smiling in no time.

From Our Family to Yours

How do you build the ultimate dental team? From dentists to hygienists, administrative staff to dental assistants, it’s all about matching passion for passion. Every single World of Smiles team member is part of a family, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you. By blending the best skills with the best service, and a generous helping of southern hospitality, suddenly a dental visit isn’t something to check off your to-do list. It’s part of your holistic healthcare, and something you look forward to achieving.